Greg Levenhagen

Greg Levenhagen Speaking
  • Location: Midwest US (UTC -6)
  • Expertise: Software Development, Community Building, Public Speaking, Strategy & Innovation, Career Development, Entrepreneurship
  • Contact: Twitter | LinkedIn

Greg Levenhagen is a Microsoft Regional Director, Microsoft MVP in Windows Development and Principal Software Engineer Consultant with Skyline Technologies. He has a great passion for giving back to the community and teaching. A true enthusiast of computer science, with passions and interests including mobile, UX, architecture, parallel, testing, agile, 3D/games, cloud, languages and much more. Greg speaks at conferences like ThatConference, CodeMash, Code PaLOUsa, TechBash, VSLive, KCDC and DevLink.

He is also a Volunteer Teacher for CS through TEALS, Microsoft Certified Trainer, board member of ThatConference, president of the Northeast WI Developers User Group / Northeast WI Code Camp / Milwaukee Code Camp, cofounder of the Northeast WI Agile User’s Group, INETA speaker, IEEE and ACM member and a PhD student.

Along with being a life-long geek, Greg enjoys golfing, football, woodworking, philosophy and stimulating conversation.

Clark Sell

From humble beginnings as a mechanic who later became a software engineer/architect now business owner has built software for some of the biggest companies on the planet. Clark’s passionately unapologetic on a mission to create the most inclusive, tech-savvy, family-friendly community of geeks on the planet. Fueled by creativity, Clark invests his time partnering with companies on how to foster their own communities while helping them solve business problems through innovative technology solutions and common sense.

David Neal

  • Location: Eastern US (UTC -5)
  • Expertise: JavaScript, Node.js, Electron.js
  • Contact: Twitter | LinkedIn

In 2011, I finally got up the courage to give my first talk at a local meet-up. I was terrible. But, a funny thing happened. People thanked me for presenting, and said I did a good job. With some encouragement and help along the way, I kept on doing it until I wasn’t so terrible!

Today, I’ve given talks at conferences and events all over the USA, as well as the UK, Norway, Uruguay, and Australia. I’ve even had opportunities to deliver keynotes!

There is so much I’ve learned about public speaking that I would be glad to share with you. These are skills and strategies I believe anyone can learn. If I can do this, a 100% introverted and socially-awkward geek, I know you can, too!

Here are few things I’ve done that I hope will inspire you to take that leap of faith!

Please reach out to me on Twitter or LinkedIn! I would love to connect with you, encourage you, and help you get started on this incredible journey!