Wouter de Kort

  • Location: Netherlands (UTC +1)
  • Expertise: Software development on the Microsoft stack, DevOps, Azure.
  • Contact: Twitter | LinkedIn

We’ve got our first computer when I was 6 years old. After discovering Solitaire I started playing with Quick Basic when I was 7. I’ve been programming ever since. Currently, I work as a lead architect and consultant where I try to help organizations stay on the cutting edge of software development.

My main focus is around Microsoft and DevOps.  I wrote a couple of books on C#, Azure and DevOps and of course I like to speak! I try to present as often as possible at local user groups and national and international conferences. I’ve given talks to small groups to rooms filled with hundreds of people.  Something that really helped me with all this is my experience as a part time minister. In that capacity I gave a lot of talks, received all kinds of speaking training and coached people of all levels to present their ideas.

Because of all this Microsoft awarded me the Microsoft MVP Visual Studio and Development Technologies award. I’m also a part of the Microsoft ALM Rangers.

I like helping others so feel free to reach out. We can work on anything you want ranging from choosing a topic, finding a conference to speak at to reviewing your slides and practicing your presentation.