Andy Yun

I have been working with SQL Server since about 2000/2001, but I did not discover the SQL Server Community for another 10 years.  I started attending events like SQL Saturday, and was in awe of the speakers who presented awesome sessions.  The thing is, I never thought I could ever be one of those people.  I’m not a walking encyclopedia, SQL Server guru… I’m just a regular guy… a DB developer.

But as time went on, I became friends with many regular speakers, and I discovered something important.  These experts, who I thought were far superior to me, were not that much different from me.  They just had the passion, energy, and courage to share their story.

And I learned that I have my own story to tell too.

I gave my first full presentation at SQL Saturday Madison 2014 (#287) and I have not looked back.  Since, I’ve presented all over at User Groups, SQL Saturdays, SQLBits, and PASS Summit.  And I’ve had an unbelievable amount of fun along the way, befriending many awesome people in the SQL Server community.

It’s been a fantastic journey and I want to help you start your own.