How a mentor can help

We have a variety of different mentors. They all have different skills/abilities. Not all of the mentors on this site will be able to do all of the following for you, but these are the sorts of things they might be able to help you with:

  • Moral support: We know it’s scary, we’ve been there. We can help you get the better of those nerves.
  • Find your story: Choosing a concept for a talk and working out how to deliver it can be hard. Perhaps we can help you to find yours?
  • Abstract review: Writing abstracts is a bit of a skill. You only have a few words to sell your talk.
  • Slide review: Slides can be boring or distracting. Would you like some help to create a deck that supports your talk rather than detracts from it?
  • Demo advice: Demoing to a live audience can be nerve-wracking. Most of our mentors will have learned the hard way how to prep for success and they like sharing what they’ve learned.
  • Public speaking advice: Once you’ve written a great talk, with a great abstract and some cool slides and demos it’s time to deliver. A good mentor might be able to give you some tips.
  • Introductions: Your mentor might not know all the answers or be able to help in all the ways listed here, but they probably do know someone who can.