How to become a mentor

Speaking Mentors is a community site that aims to support new speakers to give their first few presentations at tech conferences.

All mentors must be passionate about the community and be willing to give their time to new speakers freely. They must also agree to the Speaking Mentors Code of Conduct and the Mentor’s Pledge.

In order for this to work, we need a large and diverse group of mentors so that a new speaker can find a mentor with suitable skills and qualities. We also need a large group of mentors to ensure that the burden is not too high on any one mentor.

If you would like to give something back to the community by volunteering your time to support new speakers please email You will be given a login to SpeakingMentors and invited to create your own post to tell new speakers a bit about yourself.

Once you log in you need to create your post:

Put your name as the title and include the standard bullet points at the top with location (timezone), areas of expertise and contact details. (See some of the other mentor’s slides for details.)

Also, before sure to put your post in the Mentor Category on the right-hand side.

Please add tags to your area of expertise in helping a new speaker so we can enhance our search capabilities. Try to reuse ones we have already setup if possible so we don’t end up with too long of a list, but if needed create a new one.

The body of your post should tell us a bit about you as well as a story about your first speaking experience. Finally, you need to include a picture. Live-shots of you speaking would be best. Please no more than 300kb and it must have aspect ratio 16:9 or it will be stretched on the front page.

Once your post is ready to please publish it and inform one of the administrators. Once you publish you automatically show up on the Find a Mentor page. The administrator will add your post to the slider on the front page.