John Morehouse

  • Location: Kentucky (UTC -5)
  • Expertise: SQL Server and DevOps (well, I like to think so).
  • Contact: Twitter | LinkedIn

I’m a SQL Server DBA living in Kentucky.  I started off as an accidental DBA as most of us do.  Started working with SQL Server full time in 2007.  Anywho, several years ago I recognized that to grow career wise within the field, speaking would really help.

So I signed up to co-present with a lead developer on 10 Things Your DBA Wished You Knew at the Heartland Developers Conference (HDC) in Omaha, Nebraska.

Fast forward a couple of months and it was time.  My first ever public speaking session was give to 130 people.  To 130 really smart people.  To 130 Developer oriented people who probably didn’t like their DBA to begin with.  Yikes!!  Talk about nerve wrecking.

But I got through it.   I didn’t die.  I didn’t faint.

Actually, I loved it.   I had people asking me questions for over an hour after the presentation.  I was hooked and never looked back.

Public speaking is hard no question about it.   However, even with how hard it may seem, YOU have a story to tell so let’s tell it.  Like me, you’ll make it through just fine.

You can reach me via LinkedIn or Twitter