David Alcock

I’ve been working with data and SQL Server for a long time. I’ve been a developer, I’ve worked in BI and spent a rather long time as a DBA doing all kinds of weird and wonderful things, nowadays though I just refer to myself as a data person.

Although I have worked with SQL Server for many years it wasn’t until a few years ago that I became more active in the community. It took a visit to the SQL Bits conference in Liverpool to really open my eyes and after that I took up blogging, I started visiting user groups and other conferences too but mainly, I started connecting with people.

In 2019 I decided to have a go at presenting a session. It was way before that point that I wanted to do it, it just took a long time and a certain amount of persuasion from others to actually do it. I presented at two user groups then to my surprise (and if I am honest utter horror) was selected as a new speaker at the Data Scotland conference in Glasgow.

Being a new speaker meant I was very lucky to be assigned a mentor. I remember having an initial conversation about my session and actually made me think about delivery and the audience and those things that truthfully I had not fully considered. Mainly though, I felt supported and there is a heck of lot of confidence that comes with that.

Which is why I am here now. Through the support I had from my mentor, there were classes put on by the conference and also lots of words of wisdom from seasoned speakers I had what I consider to be one of the greatest experiences ever! I may be a year into my speaker journey but already it’s something that I would love to share my experiences with to help other people make that journey.

So let’s do it!